Home Sweet Gallery

At some point in the fall we decided we were going to give Airbnb a go, and the kernel of an idea to turn the space into a gallery/apartment began to grow.

Each bedroom could have a work that served as a focus, and then as time went on, we could add to it, and change it as we sold pieces. Every artwork would be for sale, and it would make the space serve double duty. So, after buying the entire kitchen utensil section of a popular Swedish store, and ALL the linens, here it is, our Home Sweet Art Gallery.

The Master Bedroom is home to a 7 foot by 5 foot recreation of Hokusai’s Great Wave. With about nine layers of foamcore and watercolor paper, this three-dimensional work allows the wonderful natural light of the space to change its mood throughout the day.

The Goddess Bedroom is where the Goddess Durga lives, and lends you her power. Curl up with a book, or practice some meditation in her company.

In the Red Dragon Bedroom, a powerful red dragon watches over you, and keeps you safe while you sleep. This piece was inspired by an ancient Chinese artifact housed in the Art Institute of Chicago, and gives the room a feeling of personal power.

Each of the rooms is available individually or the whole apartment can be rented If you want the whole space to yourself. My hope is that the art adds meaning and makes staying here a truly memorable experience.

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