Tear Down Walls – A Mural Project


Ever since winter broke, I’ve been planning this mural. I wanted to do something simple, but powerful, and I wanted it to fit with both Artistic Ninjutsu, and with the other domain I purchased last year, Mural.Ninja

The title of this piece is “Tear Down Walls,” and the process of painting it did just that. I was able to talk to folks I’ve always seen on the street, but who never had time to chat. People came up and asked what I was doing, and expressed their joy at seeing art in their neighborhood. Quite a few said things along the lines of, “We need a protector here.” The title is obvious on one level, but on a few other levels, less so. My daughter, upon seeing the androgynous nature of the ninja asked, “Is it a boy ninja, or a girl ninja?” I said, “What do you think?”


“I think it’s a girl,” she said, and then ran off to play at being a ninja herself. Which was part of the plan. You can look at the ninja and see either, or both. But hopefully you see a bit of yourself, and hopefully,  you feel able to swing into action, slicing through obstacles.

If you have a wall that needs something amazing, drop me a line. With a little information about the space, and the concept, I can likely give you an estimate over the phone, but it also would help if you had pictures of the space that you could send me beforehand.

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