Super Clean – My Daughter’s Lessons In Superhero Hygiene

I kept thinking, “You’ve got to do something for her bathroom. She’s got those grey walls, and they’re a great grey, but they need something on them, otherwise it looks like a guest bathroom.” My daughter is three, and I didn’t want to throw Hello Kitty decals on the wall, because she has enough of that. I wanted to do something that would grow with her. Something original that she could look at well into her teen years and think, “How cool is that? Nobody else has that in their bathroom.” And also, “This is my bathroom.”

I also wanted to do something that would remind her that it’s an important thing to keep herself clean and well-groomed, so the idea formed of doing super heroines performing mundane, but important, daily routines. The first one I did was Spider-Girl, brushing her teeth. Anya is the youngest of the group, and was the hardest to pull off, because of the webbing. I toyed around with cutting it out of paper, but they’re so small that it was just going to be a mess. So I tried painting with acrylics on mylar, after first drawing the outlines in black marker. They’re painted on the back of the mylar, and as long as there isn’t a light directly behind the viewer, you don’t see the mylar at all.

Carol Danvers, the current Captain Marvel, has always been one of my favorite superheroes, and her latest costume is my favorite look. Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Captain Marvel is worth a read, if you’re looking for a new book to pick up. Carol’s a blonde, like my daughter, so I knew I wanted to include her.

She-Hulk was a no-brainer. If you’re going to portray an Avenger in a bathtub (which by necessity means out of costume) it needs to be someone you’d recognize without the spandex, right? And since it’s Jennifer, you get the sight gag of putting a seven-foot-tall, green, muscle-bound woman in a normal-sized bathtub. She-Hulk has the most layers in this series. Her torso and back leg are one layer, the tub is another, the dangling leg next, and then the suds overflowing is the final.

As I was working on Carol, someone said it would be a shame if I didn’t do Black Widow, since she’s the only Avenger currently in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (soon to be joined by Scarlet Witch in May). And I had to think, because I’d already tackled the big bathroom things. I didn’t really want to draw somebody sitting on the commode. But then it hit me. Natasha is the one that Nick Fury calls when he’s got a job that’s too dirty for Cap. She’s the one he trusts to do what others won’t.

And so that finishes the set. I’m a Marvel geek, so my kid gets Avengers. Hopefully, they’ll still be cool to her when she’s eight, and maybe she won’t squirm quite so much when I’m blow-drying her hair. Captain Marvel doesn’t squirm, does she?

Here’s a look at She-Hulk from the side, so you can see the layers a bit better.

And finally, some close-ups. I’m really happy with how these turned out.




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