Watercolor Wednesday – Jelly Bears


Watercolor Wednesday – Jelly Bears Original watercolor for sale – $43  including shipping. click link for store.

Sarah lay with her legs dangling over the gunwale, toes just below the surface of a calm summer sea. The water was the deepest blue she’d ever imagined, and the sun was so hot she felt like she might be toffee-colored by noon. She absently fingered the open bag of gummi bears next to her on the deck of the boat, and pulled out a green one. Scowling, she threw it to Ginger, the family’s Irish Setter.  Ginger snapped it out of the air and swallowed the offending green bear whole. Evidence erased. Sarah reached in to grab a handful, hoping to pick out a bunch of clear ones. Pineapple was her favorite. The bag was sticky and with her hand full of bears she couldn’t extricate it without a couple shakes. 


Sarah winced, as she rolled over to confirm what she suspected. Her bag of golden bears was sinking slowly to the bottom. Food for some lucky jellyfish, and never to be seen again.


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