Balancing Act – An ArtisticNinjutsu Talkshow

It’s been simmering in my brain for a long time now. I know a ton of talented folks, and I love picking their brains. What if I picked their brains for your benefit? In my head it’s taken a bunch of different forms. Maybe it’d be a hangout-based talk show with a musical performance. Maybe I’d ask them to perform and I’d perform one of their songs. Maybe I’d have graphic artists on, and we could draw together. It always sounded like a blast, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Recently, Balancing Act took shape. Google+ Hangouts On Air was going to be my format, because it allows me to connect with people across the world, and I’d figured out a way it would work, “and no one would have to get nailed to anything…” (apologies to Douglas Adams)

The name is totally swiped from a colleague, Nikki Crome (whom I’m hoping will appear on the show soon <nudge-nudge, Nikki>) in conversation about the theme of the show. I want to get my friends and fellow artists to share the ways in which they balance their lives with their art. Sometimes we fail miserably, but I think even those failures can be illustrative and sometimes hilarious. I want you to hear from their mouths about their awesome successes as well as the times when some of their pots have boiled over and they’ve had to spend weeks scrubbing metaphorical marinara off the backsplash.

I also wanted to work with them to create something to share with the people who show up to watch. So a standing feature of the show will be a performance piece wherein my guest does their thing and I do something to compliment. Originally I’d considered having it be a strictly musical show, with a jam session, but the Hangout format has inherent latency issues that wouldn’t allow for simultaneous performances. (yet! That may still happen someday.) So, instead, what I’ve concocted is a notion that we’ll experiment with in the coming weeks. This week, Rose Colella will be playing and singing while I create a digital painting.  If I have a graphic artist on, I’ll take on the singing duties and you’ll be treated to their skills in whatever medium they choose. If I have a writer on, I may ask them to do a reading while I draw the scene as it unfolds, or I may decide to attempt an impromptu soundtrack. We’re doing something I’ve not seen done before, and I’m excited to see what unfolds. I hope you’ll join us, and ask questions that you’d like to have answered.

The Hangout link will be posted on the Event page about twenty minutes or so before start-time, so drop by there and RSVP, or be on the lookout later for clips on my YouTube page.

ArtisticNinjutsu’s Balancing Act with Special Guest, Rose Colella


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