Simply put, I am enormous tonight. Anyone nearby would have to see it. Conspicuously huge. Understand I’m not speaking of mass, but of energy. There’s a very real sensation of touching the sides of the street as my bus careens along, scraping the awnings of shops closing for the day. The man walking his dog, is likely overcome by the turbulence of my passing without understanding what he’s feeling.

It started with a sense that I couldn’t be contained by my skin. The hairs on my neck stood up, and I felt my self begin to flow out of my eyes and ears like water; at some point I came out my very pores. The man and woman on either side of me shifted with the intrusion, but only briefly. The buoyancy of our joined energy gave them a sense of rightness, and together we took the bus in our embrace. I am one of many guides now, and our energy is collective. Our purpose is to grow more connected even as we live our separate lives.

As passengers alight the bus they almost bounce under a cushion of our corpulent intent.  They extend our reach now, and later in their beds they will smile with fullness as we commune in silent expansion. Tomorrow you may feel our commingled largeness brushing against you as you sip your morning tea. It may feel like a wave crashing over you, or the kiss of a butterfly on your neck. I relish the thought of expanding into forever with all that you are. Together, we will be and be and be. Engulfing without consuming, enfolding the universe in our love.


(photo credit: Justin Krebs under Creative Commons License  )


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