This post was going to be titled Fail Early, Fail Often but I did a little searching for the origin of that quote, and came up with fifty blog posts with that title, so I figure I’ll just leave it be. It’s a play on the old Chicago adage, “Vote early. Vote often,” but it’s pretty apt right now. I was doing the dishes last night, and realized that the entire weekend had gone by without me writing anything, despite my “commitment” on Friday to write every day for a week. I hadn’t opened a writing program even once, and barely cracked the laptop all weekend except to watch a tutorial while I ate lunch on Saturday. I’d completely forgotten. Nice.

Finishing the dishes at 12:30 last night, I debated on trying to write something, and quick getting it up, so at least I’d only have missed a day, not the whole weekend. And then I just decided that I was too zonked, and it would be guaranteed bad writing. So I peeled my wife off the couch, and went to bed with a sinking feeling in my stomach thinking about having to come clean with you about my lameness.

And that peach pit was still sitting there when I woke up (along with Adele’s Skyfall theme thanks to the Oscars last night). But a little shower meditation helped, and I replaced “You’re such a dummy. How could you?” with, “There’s nobody watching you fail right now, so why not just own it and move on?” That resonated. There’s about 4 of you reading this right now, and instead of castigating myself I could be learning from the mild failure. I’ll set an alarm from today on, until I knock the habit into my Daddy-brain. My phone will yell at me, “Have you written anything today?” and I’ll not go another weekend without typing a single word.

The other valuable thing about this belly-flop is that it helps to illustrate something. I want you to know I’m not going to lie to you here. I may combine a couple anecdotes into a story if the story makes more thematic sense that way, but if I’m telling you something happened, then it happened. Names may be changed, and I reserve the right to smash things together for artistic (or comedic) value, but there will be truth here. And you will get me with my scars and warts.

So, three posts today, because I have the time, and you (all four of you) are gracious enough to read.